We're passionate about your success 

We built qvWise because you guys are working too hard and not keeping enough of the rewards. 

Over the last 20 or so years that I have been in business, I have done a lot of consulting (accounting software like SAP) to all kinds of businesses and it pains me say that in the IT industry we just aren't bottom line focused like my tradition customers are. 

Why aren't we profit focused?

Well I think it's because we are more focused on the urgent issues and operations than longer term financial forecasts and goals.

In mid 2010, I decided to change all that

Actually, I thought it would be really easy, build a quick dashboard and then all MSP's would have a wealth of data available to them. What I learnt, and not quickly enough, was that MSP's aren't data analysts and they generally don't have a little accountant trapped inside them trying to get out.


Our qualifications to build qvWise

Just a quick overview of my background, is as follows: I am a Mechanical Engineer, who specialized in CAD and then started putting networks together and finally started writing programs. Along the way I got into sales, earned an MBA and did a whole lot of industry certifications including SAP to help out in our IT business consulting practice. 

Currently I build dashboards mainly for large national organizations in Australia.  

I really hope that we can help you build a better, more profitable business. 

Let us know what you need from us to help you do that.




John-Paul Della Putta  Lead Developer   

John-Paul Della Putta

Lead Developer


In God we trust; all others must bring data.
— W. Edwards Deming (quality specialist)

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