Connecting to ConnectWise


Before you can use qvWise, you will need to set the connection details which will allow you to load data from your ConnectWise SQL database server.


You can open your connection settings from the Documents Menu  > Settings > ConnectWise. The connection settings will allow you to select the SQL sever name and the database name.

1. Select your data source (if different from the default)

2. Select your Server name. If you can't browse the SQL server, you can enter the name, or the IP address. Sometimes you may need to start the MS SQL Server Browser service in order to browse. We strongly recommend using Integrated Security.

3. Select your database name


4. Test your Connection


5. If your Test is successful. Ensure you Save these settings (you can load your data by clicking on Reload)

N.B. If receive the following, you will need to change the execute permissions for the user. Refer to SQL User Settings  for more information on providing Encrypt / Decrypt permissions.