Q: Do you work with the ConnectWise Cloud?

A: Not at the moment. There is an early Beta version of qvWise which works on the Cloud. If you are in need of a solution on the Cloud, please contact us. 

Q: Can I build my own dashboards and reports?

A: The quick answer is that you can and you don't actually need any programming experience or need to know any SQL code. For some advanced stuff, you may have to ask us for some calculation expressions, which you will need to paste into the calculated field.

Q: Can we pull in data from other sources, such as Excel?

A: Yes, but you need to check with us on what the data source is and we would need to integrate it into the load script. 

This might be a simple process (we have done it in less than an hour for a customer), but it does depend on a number of factors.

Please send us a support requst. 

Q: Do you offer a free trial? 

A: We offer an initial 7 day trial, during which we hope that you can verify if qvWise is right for you. If you need extra time, we can extend to a maximum of 30 days.

Q: What kind of support do you offer?

A: We offer unlimited support by email or phone. For phone support, as we are located in Australia, you may need to book a suitable time.

Q: Can I share the dashboards with non-qvWise users, and can they be scheduled to run automatically? 

A: By using the Publisher, you can schedule a screenshot of a dashboard or a report to be emailed to anyone, or saved on your network. There's also the ability to push an image up to a website using ftp.

Q: How hard is it to install and configure? 

A: Installation is really easy, you just install the application and then set your credentials to access your on-premise ConnectWise SQL server. 

Configuration may take a bit longer, as you may want to see that data in a different way than it is presented by default. A good example of this is that some Service Desks consider a ticket to be closed when it is in a status called 'Completed' or something similar. From a ConnectWise point of view, that ticket is actually still open, but the Service Manager would like it to shown as closed. To do this, we use the Ticket Audit table to know when the ticket went into that status. To show those tickets requires a bit of configuration, which is generally a few minutes of support time for us.

Q: Can I install qvWise on a Citrix or Terminal Server?

A: Installation on a Terminal Server environment is not supported. This is due to our licensing agreement with QlikView. 

However, if you buy a pack, you get 6 users, which can be installed on multiple devices. 

Planned for Q2 2014, is the qvWise Server Edition which will be a hosted cloud server allowing you to access your ConnectWise data through qvWise on any HTML5 device.

Q: What kind of data and metrics do you report on? 

A: We have built qvWise to extract the most commonly requested fields and metrics in service, finance and sales. 

If you have any specific needs, please contact us.