System Requirements

qvWise is a .NET application which requires the .NET 3.5 framework in order to run.

System Requirements


ConnectWise Connection Requirements

qvWise requires a connection to your ConnectWise SQL server.

This connection needs to be established only once, unless you change the name of the database or database server. We recommend that you use a trusted SQL connection to authenticate with the SQL server. qvWise will cache the data from your ConnectWise server.

reload  is required to download updated data into qvWise. Once the data is downloaded, then you no longer need to be connected to your server or the Internet. You can perform your analysis or meet with customers and review your performance totally disconnected.

Employee cost rates

In order to read employee cost rates, your database user needs to have execute permissions against the database. If costs aren't important for a user or you do not wish an employee to have access to employee cost rate, then you can setup a user without execute permissions.