Standard Edition Installation  


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Please watch this short how-to video for some guidance.

qvWise Standard Edition does not connect to ConnectWise, but instead refers to a Master.qvw file which is updated by a qvWise Professional Edition. (See Configuration - Professional)

When you have installed the qvWise Standard Edition, you will be required to "Update the Master Location". This is the target file (Master .qvw) that is updated by the qvWise Professional Edition.


1. Install the Standard Edition if you haven't already done so and open it

2. When you open the Standard Edition for the first time, you may be prompted to select the Master file Select the "Master .qvw" file


The Master file can be changed at any time by selecting Update Master Location.

4. Once this is done, reload your data

5. As soon as this is complete, your information will be populated in the qvWise dashboards

N.B.  If you select the incorrect file, this will not open and cause an error. You may see the following User ID prompt as a result.


Please cancel this and the following message windows until you can access your Application menu on qvWise. You will then need to update the target file with the correct Update Master Location settings.