Publishing Checklist


1. Configure the e-mail and/or FTP server  by clicking on  qvWise Tab >  Application Settings > Servers

2. Enter your SMTP Server details and your FTP server details if you have one and then save and exit


3. Enabled Background Publishing for the selected model

Tick 'Enable Background Publishing' for the model to be published in Model settings (qvWise Menu > Application Settings > Models)

4. Open Publishing tasks from the Document menu > Reports > Publishing Tasks. Ensure that the Schedule Type is set to "Advanced Schedule", "After Auto Reload" or "Task Scheduler" for the tasks you want to run automatically

5. Tick "Copy model when schedule publishing has completed" and enter the UNC / Network file path (E.g. \\Unlockmydata\qvwise\transfer\qvWiseTargetFiles)

DO NOT use a network mapped path (E.g.  P:\transfer\TargetFile)