In order to use all the features of qvWise, we require that you register your installation of qvWise. The registration process is automated and will protect your qvWise database from access by anyone other than your company employees. During the installation phase, you'll be presented with a choice to either Purchase qvWise online, Activate qvWise or Evaluate qvWise.


Purchase qvWise Online

When you select to purchase qvWise online, you will be directed to the Product Catalogue to select the licenses required. Select the most suitable package and add to your shopping cart. Then follow the prompts to register your payment.


Activate qvWise


Only select the Activate qvWise if you already have a subscription

1. You will be given the option to Activate Online or Activate Manually

2. Select the Activate Online option to open the License ID and Password window

3. Enter your details and click Continue. This will confirm your registration details for your edition of qvWise

Evaluate qvWise

You have a option to evaluate qvWise for 7 days free prior to purchasing. Select this option to start your qvWise evaluation.

If you have set up automated publishing during your installation, you will find that the purchase prompt may appear regularly. You can stop this during your evaluation period by disabling this in Windows Task Scheduler. (However this will also stop your automated publishing.)