SQL Permissions Settings


In order to reload tickets and calculate SLA results in qvWise Professional, the user must have additional permissions settings enabled. The following will step you through adding these permissions for the user.

SQL Server Management ConnectWise > Databases > % your database > Programmability > Functions > Scalar-valued Functions > dbo.udf_EncrDecr, udf_CalculateTimeDifference

*** To add when upgrading to ConnectWise 2014.6 or later ***


If you need to set up a new user, please refer to Create a SQL db User.

1. Go into your SQL Server Management Connectwise > Databases > % DB Name > Security > % User


2. Double click to open the Database User

3. Once in Database User, click on the "Securables" page, then Search


4. In the Add Objects window, select "Specific objects.." > OK


5. Click "Object Types" and select Scalar functions > OK

6. Then search and add udf_EncrDecr to the user

7. Repeat this step to add udf_CalculateTimeDifference and udf_GetServiceRequestTimeFromSLATarget 


8. On the Membership page, also ensure that db_datareader is ticked, then click OK to save