Too many tickets?

Let's face it, if you are an MSP and you are drowning in tickets, you're not alone.
Sure you can put more L1 tech's on, but that's going to seriously hit your bottom line.


That's why we built the new Head Up Display (HUD - don't we all love those TLA's?) which shows you in real-time (well within a minute or two) what's happening.
You will be able to help your team to focus on which tickets need attention now and which ones can wait.
You can easily configure the HUD to only show what's important to your business, be it time to breach SLA, or tickets which are stuck in a status or even tickets which have had various status changes and too many time entries.

Because we use the power of QlikView, an industrial strength BI (Business Intelligence) tool, you have in-memory analytics to enable you to see what's really happening.

Check out the video >>


Yep, I am convinced, what's next ?


To create the Head Up Display, you need first know what you want to display. Sounds easy enough, but our experience with hundreds of MSP's is that they don't always know what they should be looking for right now.  

So which one are you (and don't worry, there's no shame in admitting that you need some guidance, we have all been there...) 

Choose a path

  • Yes, I know exactly what I want to see and I have the time to build it myself >>
  • Yes, I know what I want, but can you guys build it for us? Sure can >>
  • Help me out guys, we would like to hear what others have done. Book a time >>