Transferring Dashboards From a Previous Version


You may wish to transfer a previously created Dashboard to the new version of qvWise.
To do this, you will need to launch both versions together to copy information across.

To begin the transfer process, add a new sheet  in the new version of qvWise


This will create a new blank sheet for you to copy your Dashboard / Details from an older version. Select the sheet from the previous version of qvWise that you wish to copy.

Then - Select All (Ctrl "A")

Then - Copy (Ctrl "C")


Click back on the newly created blank sheet of the new model and Paste (Ctrl "V")

Activate any additional objects on the old version, then copy & paste it to the new sheet. Repeat the copy & paste process for all objects on the screen.

Note: Some objects in a "container" will need to be cloned and copied to your newly created sheet. You will now need to rename your sheet tab.

In the Document Toolbar, click Settings > Sheet Properties.


In the sheet properties window, select the General tab and change the Title so that it matches the title in the old version.

This will ensure that any publishing or bookmarks referring to this sheet will continue to operate if you have copied over your other settings.


Transferring Settings From Previous Versions

To do this, open the qvWise directory that contains your settings folder. For versions of qvWise 1.7 and earlier, this may be in C:\qvWise.

This settings folder will contain your qvWise settings for your:

- SMTP & FTP Server settings

- Publishing settings

- Model settings

- Bookmarks


Copy the desired settings you wish to transfer and paste them to the same folder in the new version. This will now be located:

C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\qvWise (This may be a hidden file)
You can also get to this directory using the %LOCALAPPDATA% variable:


See Install a new model file for more details if required. By replacing the settings from a previous version, you will not have to reset these again.

However,  if you applied a setting (such as publishing) to a dashboard tab on the previous version or created a customized dashboard, you will have to recreate the dashboard in the new version  with the same name for the settings to work with that dashboard.