Transferring Settings From Previous Versions


To do this, open the qvWise directory that contains your settings folder. For versions of qvWise 1.7 and earlier, this may be in C:\qvWise.


This settings folder will contain your qvWise settings for your:

- SMTP & FTP Server settings

- Publishing settings

- Model settings

- Bookmarks

Copy the desired settings you wish to transfer and paste them to the same folder in the new version. This will now be located:

C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\qvWise (This may be a hidden file)
You can also get to this directory using the %LOCALAPPDATA% variable:


See Install a new model file for more details if required. By replacing the settings from a previous version, you will not have to reset these again.

However,  if you applied a setting (such as publishing) to a dashboard tab on the previous version or created a customized dashboard, you will have to recreate the dashboard in the new version  with the same name for the settings to work with that dashboard.